Outdoor escaperooms

Espionage and adventure quest-game in Escapetown will relocates you and your friends to one of the most dramatic history pages.
You will find yourself in the torn-time war of Auchiburg, which, after the temporary ceases, is divided into three zones of influence - German, Russian and American.
You will need to become invisible to fit into the daily life of the city. Hide stealthy, avoid, secrets.
The border crossing will only one part of the missions with which your team will face to.
Depending on the mission you have chosen, solving various quests, avoiding full of suspicions guards sights, you step by step will approach the main goal - the Elixir of the Hitler's Golden Army, the Secret Project of Stalin or to the Black Box of the Roosevelt Space Program.
Incorrect solutions or annoying coincidence will lead you to imprisonment!
A light touch of good luck and excellent teamwork will allow you to win, find the necessary items, and get out of the city alive.