Quest "Crazy Hangover"

The party was in full swing until the master was gone and you do not have to pass through all his strangeness , that would open the door

You and your friends had so much fun , that by coincidence you go to a party at the house of a complete stranger . At a time when everyone was quite fun and the party is in full swing , the jwner disappears , and closes the door behind him . All would be nothing , if you knew how they open . At one point, you realize that it's time to sober up and how to solve this difficult problem . The only thing the owner well, very special, creative person , what would you have to get out to explore all its strangeness .


Alcoholic (0,7 promiles or more) or drug intoxicated persons are not allowed to play!
In case of cancellation of the game, if the prepayment was made through the service,
please contact the administration.

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