Quest "Dr. Haagen's secret report ("

It is 1942. The Red Dawn resistance movement has violated the rules of the ceasefire and attacked the Nazi laboratory in Auchiburg. Its chief physicist, Dr. Haagens, has been killed in an explosion.It is known that he managed to leave a secret message addressed to Führer in Auchiburg. We intercepted a telegram that contained valuable indications for deciphering it.The rest is up to you. Your task is to go to Auchiburg, get Dr. Haagen's Secret Message and get out of the City alive to pass it on to the Allies. Game duration 1 hour. Participation fee for a group of 2 people: 20 euros
The quest is for 2-5 people.
Larger teams of 3 to 5 participants will have to pay 10 euros at the venue. With the Latvian honorary family card 3+, you do not have to pay for the 3rd to 5th participant. For participants under 14 years of age: The playground visit must be accompanied by an adult. For participants under 10 years of age participation is free.

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