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Espionage and adventure quest-game Golden Army Elixir will take you and your friends to one of the most dramatic pages in history. ou will find yourself in the torn-time war of Auchiburg, which, after the temporary ceasefire, is divided into three zones of influence - German, Russian, and American. You will need to be able to become unobtrusive to fit into the everyday life of the City. Hiding, sneaking and secretly crossing borders will be just some of the tasks your team will have to deal with. Depending on your chosen mission task, by solving various puzzles and avoiding the guards' suspicious gazes, you will move step by step closer to the main goal - Hitler's Golden Army Elixir, Stalin's Secret Project Book or the Roosevelt Space Program Black Box. Wrong decisions or unfortunate coincidences will lead you to imprisonment! In turn, a little luck and excellent teamwork will allow you to triumph, find the object you are looking for, and get out of the city alive. Game duration 2 hours. Participation fee for a group of 3 people: 60 euros.The quest is for 3-8 people.
Larger teams of 4 to 8 participants will have to pay 20 euros at the venue. With the Latvian honorary family card 3+, there is no charge for the 4th to 8th participant. For participants under 14 years of age: The playground must be accompanied by an adult. Participation is free for participants under 10 years of age.Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the booked time. You will not be able to participate in the game if you arrive 15 minutes after the start time of the reservations.

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