Escape Room: Help the animal shelter and get a discount for quest game!
Promotion expired!

Discount under 40%!

Escape Room continues acts of charity! This time we decided to help for animals shelter «Ulubele». As usual, we promise a nice bonus . Conditions:

1. Reserve one of the rooms on the Vilandes str. 5 (Lord of War or Disco Dancer!) From 23/05/2016 to 06/03/2016.

2. Bring any of the following things:

- Canned "Carno", "Happy Dog", "Rintti", "My Lord";

- Blankets, sheets and towels;

- Hygienic bed sheet;

- Sand or granules for cat litter;

- toys for animals;

- Soft beds for cats and dogs;

- Canvas leashes (3 meters, with the elliptic buckle, which opens inside);

- Dog/Cat bowls (trapezoid types, metal);

- containers for transportation of cats;

- Scratching posts for cats.

3. Get a discount for the game, based on the number of brought things (1 item - 10 %, 2 - 20 %, etc. , the maximum discount - 40 %).

Rooms are affected by the offer