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What is the best gift for a person who already have everything he needs? Colorful emotions!

Gift Card from EscapeRoomMap — is good choice!

Reality games has a lot of popularity nowadays, because this new format of time spending with friends makes your team(usually 2-5 people, but each room has its own limit) to get out from locked room within 1 hour by using such qualities  like their intelligence, observation, attentiveness. This is what we need to color our gray days.

Such card will be good for everyone, because there are a lot of rooms, with different stories, where your friend can use card. And your friend will definitely find the suitable one!

Your friend can go to rooms with gift card badge shown on them. You can find all assailable rooms lower.


If game will cost more than gift card, than it is possible to pay difference in place, before game.

You friend must use his card within 6 month.

You can use bant transfer by writing to to get bill, and after payment gift card.


When purchasing a card your agree with terms