Escape Room "Experiment"

Take a part in a scientific experiment and help to develop an antidote to a dangerous virus!

Unknown virus quickly spreads and kills most of the city's residents. Some believe that it is a new biological weapon, which is designed to fight the traitors, but for unknown reason it affects all. You are the volunteers who decides to find out the truth and to develop an antidote. Perhaps you do not have special knowledge and skills in chemistry or biology, but you realize that no one else is willing to take risk. You come to lab and suddenly something happens quite unexpectedly ...



We offer two levels of difficulty (child and adult). If you want to book a child's difficulty, please mark it in the comment.

Children from 6-12.y.o. are allowed to play under adult supervision only.

  • It may be one of our staff (for additional fee - 10 euros per game);
  • Or one of the parent/care-taker/other adult or another person at least 13.y.o. - In this case the person is considered to be a full-fledged participant of the game, to which the game participant limit rules are concerned.

Children from 13.y.o. can play by their own.

Price policy

On our site you cannot book and pay for the games with "Dāvanu serviss", "Lieliska dāvana", "Dāvanu sala" or any other service  gift cards.

Only gift cards are accepted!

We accept on place

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