THE SEASON IS OVER FOR THIS QUEST, see you in the spring!


MINECRAFT - a world of real fantasies and unrealistic possibilities!!!
"Portal" - will help you move to "other worlds" - on the way to the coveted reward - the "treasures of Endermir".
But the meeting with militant "mobs" is inevitable!!!

 If you need a banquet time, please write in comment- MINI/MEDI!

MINI offer: 1 hour game + 30 minutes banquet (up to 10 participants) 150 €

MEDI offer: 1 hour game + 1 hour hosted banquet (up to 10 participants) 220€


Price policy

On our site you cannot book and pay for the games with "Dāvanu serviss", "Lieliska dāvana", "Dāvanu sala" or any other service  gift cards.

Only gift cards are accepted!

We don't accept on place

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