- this is a guide to Latvian escape rooms or quest rooms. Most of them are located in Riga. There are a lot of quest rooms in Riga, and every day there are becoming even more. The purpose of our site is to help you decide which is most suitable for you!

Our advantages

  1. Lists of all quest rooms in Latvia
  2. Book game from our site
  3. See which which games are free on certain time
  4. See where rooms are located
  5. Unique promo codes only for our visitors

Also we search for new quest rooms and review old ones, improve our site constantly, so you can find actual information in easy and user friendly way.

What is Escape or Quest room?

If you still don't know what it is, we'll tell you! As you see from the name you have to escape from the room. Seem easy? But you have to escape from the room which has a lot of secrets, lockers and other puzzles, which you have to solve to get out! Developers create special atmosphere and stories around their room so you become hero of incredible adventure!


If you ever wanted to solve some detective case, there is no problem to realize your dream! You want something unusual? Try rooms with mystics and magic! There are also scary horror rooms if you are a thrill-seeker!

There is a lot of themes but we split them in such way:

  • Detective
  • Horror
  • Robbery
  • Magic
  • Historic
  • SCI FI
  • Mystic
  • In dark
  • Funny

So choose what ever you like and start to explore incredible world of escape rooms in Latvia!